Inspiration From The Sussex Landscape For Your Garden

Jul 25, 2023

Surrounded by the beauty of Sussex’s coastal charm and the breathtaking landscapes of the South Downs, we look at how to draw inspiration from this unique landscape. As a Brighton-based garden designer in Sussex, I enjoy infusing outdoor spaces with the essence of the coast and the serenity of the South Downs. Here’s how to;

Embrace Coastal Vibes:

Sussex’s coastal atmosphere is both invigorating and calming, making it the perfect inspiration for a garden design. A good place to start is by selecting coastal plants that thrive in the south’s coastal climate. Incorporate elements such as pebbles to create beach-like paths or shoreline-inspired borders. Introducing driftwood features and textures will complete the coastal ambience.

Coastal garden design by Brighton garden designer Claire Winchester

Coastal Garden project in Brighton, Sussex

Capturing the Essence of the South Downs:

The rolling landscape of the South Downs National Park offers a wealth of inspiration for those looking for a garden design. Wildflower planting throughout a garden design will emulate the meadows and wildflowers found on the Downs as well as attract pollinators and add a splash of colour. Stone wall features or rusted finishes will further evoke the charm of the South Downs countryside.

South Downs sanctuary garden design in Sussex

Coastal and Downs-themed Garden Zones:

If you have a garden of a size that accommodates zones, both coastal and South Downs zones can be created harmonising as they do in real life. Create a coastal retreat with a relaxed seating area and utilise ornamental grasses that sway on the wind.  Add a water feature like a bubbling fountain to mimic the sound of the sea. Integrate a Downs-inspired area with winding paths, prairie-style planting and a cosy reading nook hidden amongst the lush greenery.

garden design in Brighton featuring water bowl, coastal planting and stone wall

Coastal and South Downs zoned garden design in Sussex

Would you like the rolling landscape of the South Downs and the essence of the Sussex coast brought to life in your garden? Get in touch to discuss your plans and bring your ideas to life.

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