Why Winter is the Best Time to Start Planning a New Garden Design Project

Oct 27, 2023

While winter might not be the season most people associate with gardening, it is, in fact, the perfect time to start planning your next garden design project in Brighton or further afield. With the chilly weather and shorter days, you might be tempted to delay any garden plans, but there are several compelling reasons to kickstart your garden transformation during the winter months.

1. Reflect On Your Garden Goals

Winter offers the ideal opportunity to pause and reflect on what you want to achieve with your garden. Take a moment to consider what you are looking to achieve, whether it’s creating a more vibrant, eco-friendly space, expanding your outdoor living and entertaining area, or developing your planting schemes. By doing so in the calm of winter, you can refine your ideas and ensure your plans cover everything you are looking for in the perfect garden design.

2. Engage With Professionals

Winter is a perfect time to reach out to a garden designer to discuss your plans. It often comes as a surprise that garden designers work all year round, across all the seasons. Opening your discussions with a professional in the winter months, will give you time to discuss your ideas and review their portfolio to develop your ideas further. Having some time to ponder here, gives you the opportunity to take on board the experience of your garden designer together with their design ideas and understand how these can impact your vision.

Garden design by Claire Winchester for client in Brighton

3. A Clearer View

The first recommendation from a garden designer is often to organise a site survey of your garden. A survey will provide key information required by a designer and landscaper, enabling them to accurately see sizes, ground levels, hazards below ground, trees etc. Completing this stage in winter allows the existing layout and structure of evergreen planting to be clearly seen.

Garden design by Claire Winchester for client in Brighton

4.  Get Ahead Without Missing Out

A successful garden design project will involve discussions and design proposals from your garden designer followed by gathering quotes from suitable landscapers. Your chosen landscaper may well be booked up in advance. As a guide, from your starting point, to work beginning can take around three months with the landscaping work an additional month or more. With a timeline in all of around 4 months, it would be wise to start your garden design project as soon as possible in order to enjoy the sun in full next summer.

Don’t let the winter blues deter you from your gardening dreams. Embrace the chill, and make the most of this downtime by planning your new garden design project in Brighton. Reflect on your goals, engage with professionals, and get ahead with your project! By preparing during the winter months, you’ll be well-positioned to bring your garden to life in spring and enjoy a beautiful and flourishing outdoor space in the warmer months ahead. So grab a cup of tea, put on your thinking cap, and let your garden design project in Brighton bloom.

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