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Rhiannon from Shoreham Beach

Working with Claire was so much fun! We wanted our garden to fulfil a range of requirements for ourselves and our kids. Claire engaged with us and was able translate our thoughts and wishes into a creative and beautiful design. She was generous with her help and support and really encouraged us to be ambitious with our space, while remaining within budget. Her expertise has helped us to create a coastal garden which is both beautiful and manageable. We are so glad we got to work with Claire.

Tony of Rottingdean

Claire walked us through every step of the design, purchasing and execution of the final garden. Exemplary service and attitude toward the work along with great after care/maintenance plan going forward. Super impressive

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John from Marden

Claire is an excellent garden designer. She really listened to what we wanted, took account of our lifestyle, the surrounding area, the location of the sun and the style of our house. I’d highly recommend to anyone.

Pete Flude, Landscaper

Claire approaches her garden design projects with great consideration. Delivering on a creative eye for layout, form and texture across all the necessary details.

Working alongside Claire Winchester Landscape & Garden Design, as a contractor, has been a rewarding experience all round. She listens to learn but also ensures accuracy is met to achieve a fantastically bespoke garden.

Long live CW gardens!

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Amir from Hove

We are so pleased that we got Claire, the garden designer onboard, to help us with our front garden. We had been stuck for so long and Claire made the whole process easy from design to implementation. It was a pleasure working with her and we now love our front garden.

Round Wood of Mayfield

Claire did an amazing job of creating this serene ocean view garden in Rottingdean. Using a Round Wood waterbowl and oak sleepers, Claire created a jetty deck design, where you can enjoy the view of the sea from your garden.

Truly beautiful garden design.

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